Exterior House Cleaning Near Winona MNExterior House Cleaning Near Winona MN

When it comes to exterior house cleaning, turn to Big River Soft Wash. Building exteriors that use soft washing can see up to six times the cleaning power over power washing. With just a fraction of the water needed, soft wash house cleaners can help remove streaks, mold mildew and more to keep your home’s exterior streak free for over a year.  Our blend of environmentally friendly biodegradable chemicals are strong enough to remove even the toughest stains without harming your roof, bricks, or side paneling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Soft washing uses biodegradable chemicals to break down and kill mold, mildew, bacteria, insects and other microbes that cause discoloration, leaving your house exterior clean and sanitized. It lasts much longer than power washing and, unlike power washes, will not damage your roof or paneling.

Yes, it does! Soft washing has been around for over twenty years and is used by cleaning companies around the globe. Soft washing has been serving large resorts and family homes with effective, long lasting results.

We use environmentally friendly soft wash that contains biodegradable chemicals in all our house washing services. That means our non-toxic cleaning solutions will easily break down into the environment without leaving a carbon footprint.

While the water pressure involved in power washing can damage your home’s exterior, soft washing uses a blend of chemicals to safely remove discolorations for a longer period of time. More importantly, soft washing is designed to eradicate the mold, mildew and other microbes that cause damage, unlike power washing, which just washes the top layer of grime away.

On average, homes that have been cleaned using soft washing services will continue to see results for over a year. That is over four times longer than power washing results!

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This is not some random guy with a trailer and a pressure washer that just wants to get paid. John is a professional in this industry. More importantly, he does a great job and pays attention to the smallest details! He has done several projects for me and will continue to get my business. Highly recommend John!

Reasonable price, extremely professional, and on time, the job was done quickly and with consideration of my neighbor’s yard, they even asked John for a card. I will definitely use Big River Soft Wash again.

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