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Before throwing away your old, dirty awning or covering, contact Big River Soft Wash for professional awning cleaning services. Our team can remove dirt, grime and bacteria from covered awnings and add new aesthetic to your home or business. The gentle, eco-friendly chemicals breakdown the dirt without harming awning or patio covers. Save your awning from going to the landfill by contacting the Big River Soft Wash team today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Many businesses use awning to catch people’s attention and advertise their name, hours, and more. Give your customers a great first impression with a professionally maintained awning. Our team can make sure your awning is clean and aesthetically pleasing. Contact our team for a quote today.

Soft Washing uses gentle, biodegradable cleaning solutions that breakdown dirt and grime without affecting awnings and patio covers. The end result will be a cleaner, more vibrant awning.

Our awning cleaning services include vinyl, metal, fabric, and additional material covers. Request a quote for more information!

Our soft washing services generally last up to a year or more before grime begins to collect on an awning again. The good news is that awning and patio coverings can be cleaned many times and still retain their aesthetic look.

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