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The same bacteria, mold and mildew that is attracted to your roof and deck can also be found in your driveway and patios. This often causes black or green spots as well as dirt build up. Choosing a driveway cleaning service like Big River Soft Wash is the best option for removing discoloration on concrete, brick, stone, wood and more. Unlike pressure washing which only removes the top layer of grime, soft washing targets and eliminates the dirt and microbes living on your driveways and patios. Soft wash driveway and patio services also help bring back the charm and aesthetic value of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Power washing removes discoloration from your driveway and patio, but does not remove the organisms that caused the issues in the first place. Power washing also runs the risk of damaging your patio or driveway. Soft washing, on the other hand, uses gentle, eco-friendly chemicals to eradicate the discoloration causing microbes.

Our soft wash patio driveway cleaning service can clean many types of materials including concrete, rock, brick, wood and more. Request a quote to learn more!

Soft Washes generally keep surfaces clean up to a year or more depending on your location and material. That is nearly 6 times longer than power washing.

Soft Washing targets and breaks down dirt and stains leaving a clean finish. In many cases, our soft washing services will wash away oil stains on a driveway. Request a quote for more information.

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